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Flag enthusiasts know that well-made nautical code flags can be difficult to find. Often, personal flags are either too small, too flimsy to use, or generally inaccurate; this causes problems for the flag-lover who wants a replica or a functioning flag for his or her vessel. Fortunately, our flags are expertly crafted and detailed.

International code flags are used to send short, pointed messages between ships or to shore. Although the system is old, it is still sometimes used today, and a sailor who understands the system and knows the flag etiquette may want to keep certain code flags on his or her vessel. Others, such as serious enthusiasts and those interested in history, may simply want to learn the code and purchase flags as keepsakes. Regardless of your reasons for wanting a flag, we endeavor to provide our customers with the quality and accuracy required for use.

A nautical code flag purchased from us will come in a set of specific size, and requested sizes help decide the price of the set. This gives you forty flags of equal length and width, and means that no matter what, you can find the right flags for your needs. From hanging the entire set on a wall to keeping them in a vessel for use at a later date, you can find a flag or set of flags that suits your desires and purposes. Getting a complete set of nautical code flags is as easy as placing an order with us online or over the phone!

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